Baby Changing Table – Why Buy a Baby Changing Table

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No doubt infants are adorable and fun and significant source of happiness. They are the little bundle of joy. As we all know babies need personal care and care, parents will need to be very particular about everything from their food, toys, diapers, wipes, etc.. A fun fact- By infant’s first birthday, you’ll change around 2400-2500 diapers.
Sometimes changing diapers, can really be frustrating because of all of the mess. Regularly bending your spine to change diapers, can also supply you with severe back pain. You might use changing pad, but continuously bending knees and moving here and there might be a tiresome job.
A baby changing table is of excellent use since it is simple to change the diapers by simply standing in one place. Moreover, these tables include unique shelves so you can easily store the baby’s stuff like powders, medicines, cotton pads, etc..
Factors to Remember before buying baby changing table-
A Guardrail for kid’s safety-
The baby changing table should have a minimum 2-inch long guardrail. Since the child’s safety is the utmost priority, we can’t deny the fact that babies can easily fall-off on the floor if left unattended. The Guardrail can help to protect the child.
The table needs to be spacious enough to have 2-4 shelves or drawers so that all the general baby stuff is easily accessible. The shelves should be wide enough to accommodate all the baby supplies.
Strong and Sturdy Legs-
Needless to say, nobody wants a floating table, so before purchasing one do check its stability. Go for a strong and long-lasting changing table. It is advisable to go for a table made from real wood rather than particle board. As the particle board isn’t as durable as wood.
Buy according to your budget-
You might get intimidated by selections of table available online as well as at a nearby shop. But buy the one that you can afford. A simple and spacious table can do wonders and make the changing diaper process less stinky and messy.
Worth the Cost –
Many times people think is it worthwhile to buy a changing table for 1 or 2 years? The answer is yes because you’ll eventually understand that it makes the changing diaper task easier. Moreover, if you’re planning to have more than one kid, you can reuse it again. The changing table has multiple applications as after the child grows up you can use it store different stuff.
You can purchase the table either online or in the local store. You may select according to the room furniture. Eventually, you will realize the utility of this table.

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